Who We Are?

Internet changed the world in an irreversible way. Life of billions and millions of companies are influenced dramatically.

Impact of computing was not that much disruptive until internet came up during late 90s. Millennium was expected to be century of fictional devices however such a connected world wasn’t expected so fast.

First decade of millennium changed the way we use computers, the way we talk over phone and the way we use appliances around us.

It isn’t just about a new economy. It’s also touching to almost everything we produce, we consume, we keep. No matter how it’s named, either Internet2 or Cloud or any kind of service offerings. It’s all requiring reliable infrastructure for this digital business and life era.

SC3 is established based on a strong legacy from Hayat Informatics Holding and Intl’tec Group. Merging best of breed in IT, Telecommunication, Datacenter and Satcom business. Preparing our region to future of a connected world’s impact on people’s life and affected corporations respectively.

Ultimate goal of this visionary project is empowering digitalization process of Turkey by leveraging Science, Technology and Business with its passion to create a success story. Vertical integration of physical layers of infrastructure and logical layers of soft components will be basis of various applications that will have tremendous impact on Turkey’s future.

Running a Peta-scale supercomputer will drive Turkey’s academic resources to achieve what wasn’t possible till now.

Operating best in class datacenter will be supporting both business and governmental organizations for more agile and efficient operations.

Broad range of cloud services will be initiating on-demand business agility for Turkey. What wasn’t considered possible till now will be one-click away from our customers regardless of their size and industry.

Its time to think big. SC3 will be faithful companion of its customers throughout their journey to grow their businesses. It’s beginning of a new journey in Turkish ICT industry that will impact almost all industries having to touch everything containing even a tiny piece of software.

Osman Oueida

Mustafa Kayer
Vice-Chair and CEO