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SwitchCraft Supporter

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Your contribution will go directly to server upkeep and maintenance costs, helping SwitchCraft stay alive for longer!

What do I get?

By supporting, you will receive multiple tags:

You will also receive the following cosmetic perks in-game:

  • The /hat command, which allows you to wear any block in your head slot

And the following additional perks on our Discord:

  • Access to the exclusive #supporters chat channel
  • Ability to change your own nickname
  • Ability to use external emoji and stickers

Tags will last 30 days for every $5.00 USD contributed. The minimum payment is $5.00 USD. For example, if you spend $20.00 USD, you will receive a Supporter tag for 120 days. You may purchase multiple times, and it will stack.

Tags are applied within 30 minutes of purchase. Contact staff on Discord for support.

Monthly Supporter goal

$5.00 USD / $100.00 USD